Our Pastor

Pastor Richard

Due to what Christianity has become in the US, studies have found that more people have left the church and are less likely to follow Christianity than before. When people think about Christians, the words that often come to mind are hypocritical, judgmental, and hateful. 

Pastor Richard gets how people can feel this way. He understands what it is like to have been hurt by people in churches, to become tired of the usual programs, to be aware of the problematic history of Christianity in the US and to be disheartened by the ways Christianity has been used to promote political agendas and special interests.

However, he believes there is still hope, love, fun, enjoyment and a better way through truly understanding, being embraced by and continuing the love movement that Jesus actually started.

Pastor Richard and his wife Camille, along with The Movement family, are hoping to help others to push beyond what they have seen and encountered and through the pain of religion, to experience and know the Jesus who is about love and has invited us to be a part of His awesome movement.

Pastor Richard often says, 
“No matter what you think about yourself, what others have said or done to you, never forget that you are worth dying for. Why? Because Jesus has already died for you.”