The Best Part of the Royal Wedding

Author: Dr. Richard M. Smith, Lead Pastor
June 17, 2018

Someone once said that Jesus began the most revolutionary movement in human history. A movement grounded in the unconditional love of God for the world - and a movement mandating people to live that love, and in so doing to change not only their lives but the very life of the world itself. I'm talking about power. Real power. Power to change the world. (Bishop Michael Curry 5/20/18)

Bishop Curry speaking at the wedding of Prince Harry and Megan Markle recognized the opportunity he had to speak to the world. He could have stated the usual perfunctory statements said at a wedding but he didn’t. He could have made some vague remarks about marital love but he didn’t.  Instead he talked about a love that went beyond that couple, that day, and that moment. Instead he talked about a love that comes from Jesus and through Jesus. He talked about a love that Jesus started. Even more so, he clearly articulated the Love Movement that Jesus started and helped us to imaginewhat the world would be like if we connected with, loved through, and passed on such a revolutionary movement of love. 

When we were deciding about what to name our local church, it wasn’t difficult at all. The Movement Church is what we decided on.  It’s not fancy nor was everyone excited when we made the name change; however, we recognized that the mission and message was greater than the sound of a name. God placed in my heart years ago that Jesus did not come to start a religion.  He wasn’t that interested in the routinized, ritualized, and meaningless religiosity of his day.  Nor did Jesus come so that we could place ourselves in a political party and try to use our politics and laws to change people’s lives instead of people’s hearts. Nor did Jesus come so we would have our separate kingdoms called churches and be so divided amongst ourselves that we can’t find ways to work together. “We create our different ways of having church instead of actually being the church.”  No, Jesus came as Bishop Curry stated, “to start the most revolutionary movement in human history.”  That movement can be called the Love Movement. 

Our name, The Movement Church, identifies our purpose, our connection, and our goal. We are simply people who have been called by God to continue the love movement that Jesus started. We have, not just the opportunity to be included in the movement, but also to participate in it as well. We have the greatest power on earth to change the world, and that’s the Love of Jesus Christ. We are solely focused on not just being a part of His movement, but changing the world around us through His Movement. We have decided to live in His love and express His love to others so that they too will go through a revolutionary change necessary to connect to His movement. 

While I was not invited, nor were many of you who are reading this post, to the Royal Wedding in May, we congratulate the royal couple and pray God’s blessings over their union. However the best part wasn’t their marriage, but the message of Jesus’s love that can change the world. Therefore, congratulations to each one of us who have experienced God’s love and have been invited to participate in His Movement. Let us continue the love movement that Jesus started!